Don’t Get Up: A VR 360 Horror Short

Published on November 2, 2016 by Admin

Don’t Get Up is a first-person Virtual Reality Film experience that allows each viewer an independent, self-guided exploration through the eyes of it’s characters. Within the 10 minute V.R mini-series, the viewer is able to watch a more traditional third-person perspective of an episode as you would any other show. However, after this first phase the audience is presented with alternative view points of the exact same scene, but from a first-person perspective, literally giving them the exact visual experience as the character.

With the growth of media and technology pairing side by side, as well as the never ending expansion of demand for new and edgy entertainment, there is a need for this exploration in the film industry. The desire to experience something other than our daily lives, primarily through entertainment, never ends, and through this adventurous take on story-telling we allow our audience to not only watch something new, but to experience something new and terrifying.

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