Filter by YURP A Fun little 3D 360 (VR Video) Experiment

Published on 10 May 2018 / In Film & Animation

So, THIS is what happens when a bunch of ADHD Rock n Roll freaks get stuck in a basement with VR (virtual Reality) buff that's been "experimenting" the past couple of weeks with full VR-360 video.. This is the result of my First experiment.
** BTW.. YURP's latest single "Dirty Secrets" just dropped on iTunes so go get that! **
The video is a full 360º around.. but only 90º up and down.. My theory is that it's hard to get Eye-popping 3d without BORDERS. (You gotta have a screen for something to jump out of, right?)
Hopefully this doesn't give you a headache as it's pushing things for me.. but let me know if you can at least view it without getting a headache or motion sickness with google cardboard or any other HMD for that matter.. Your input will be appreciated and applied to future videos.. Thanks! Now Enjoy!

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