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Tying the Knot . An Immersive VR Wedding Experience in 4K 360º video

Published on 10 May 2018 / In Film & Animation

This is a highlight reel of an amazing and groundbreaking wedding that took place in Atlanta, Georgia between two beautiful (and very forward thinking) people.
The reason I say this is because I was commissioned not to just shoot a standard wedding video for them, but they had seen some of my VR videos on my website and saw that I could provide a momentus solution to a giant problem that they had surrounding the ceremony.

You see, they had Family in the upper midwest that due to age and ailments just could not make the journey to Atlanta to see their loved ones wed, So the groom had an Idea to "Bring the Wedding to Them".. the ENTIRE WEDDING; prep, ceremony, reception, the whole gamut.
This was NOT an easy task, because the Bride and groom got ready simultaneously, but in different locations. The Reception and Dining area were also Different rooms in the same complex, but I put in some work and built THREE separate VR 360 video rigs and one special mount to get the perfect vantage point of the ceremony without being conspicuous and in line of sight of both the photographer AND Videographer.. Myself. 3 SIMULTANEOUS VR Rigs and Six Hours later we managed to document the ENTIRE Wedding from best perspectives you can imagine.. in 360 degrees.

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